The following 5 tips assume that you aren’t a hothead who lacks impulse control, and you would rather avoid spending the night in jail:

1. Never raise your voice or challenge the officer even if he is confrontational and raises his. It’s not a bad idea to address the officer as “sir,” “officer” or “officer (last name). Ask yourself if you’d rather be right or arrested?

2. Never ignore the officer’s directions. Nobody likes being ignored.

3. Never demand anything from the police officer. It’s great that you pay taxes, everybody does.

4. Never ask the officer for his badge number; instead memorize it.

5. Never tell the officer that you are going to report him. You might as well say: “take me straight to jail.”

Nobody plans on getting arrested! That’s why you should know beforehand who to call–just in case.

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By: David Edelstein December 30, 2011.