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If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with petit theft (also known as petty theft), it is critical to consult with an experienced Miami petit theft attorney as soon as possible to ensure that your rights are protected. You need the counsel of an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process and maximize your chances of resolving your case with a favorable outcome.

Most of our clients charged with petit theft are people who have never had contact with the criminal justice system before, whether they be professionals, students, tourists, or normal working people. Some of our clients have been falsely accused. In those cases, we aggressively defend them in criminal court and sometimes seek a civil settlement from the store for the false arrest claim. Most of our petit theft clients, however, were attempting to steal when loss prevention officers detained them. A large percentage of our clients are very ashamed and embarrassed. To make matters worse, they are oftentimes unable to give an explanation for their actions and mercilessly beat themselves up trying to understand what happened. Our Miami petit theft attorneys strive to minimize both the legal and emotional consequences of a petit theft charge to help our clients to put the case behind them and move on with their professional and personal lives.

Possible Punishments if You are Convicted of Petit Theft

Oftentimes, petit theft is the criminal charge associated with shoplifting. Like most theft crimes, the severity of the  charge is based on value.  When someone is accused of shoplifting from a store and the value of the allegedly stolen merchandise is less than $750.00, then the person is typically charged with petit theft, a misdemeanor. If the value of the merchandise is more than $750.00 or more, then the person is charged with grand theft, a felony. This issue of value can be extremely important. Being accused of stealing merchandise worth $749.99 versus merchandise worth $750.00 can mean the difference between facing a maximum punishment of one year in jail and five years in state prison.

The penalties below are the maximum punishments (It is very unlikely that you would be sentenced to the maximum punishment, or even be convicted of if you hire a competent petit theft lawyer):

  • First Degree Petit Theft (Less than $750 but $100 or more) – maximum punishment is 364 days in the county jail.
  • Second Degree Petit Theft (less than $100.00) – maximum punishment is 60 days in jail.

A person convicted of petit theft can also receive a driver’s license suspension for up to six months for a first conviction, and a suspension of up to one year on a second petit theft conviction.

Contact an Experienced Miami Petit Theft Attorney

Over the years, we have represented hundreds of clients in petit theft cases. We have represented clients who shared similar needs and concerns that you may have. Feel free to browse through the results section of our site for a representative sample of some of our past cases, and the results we have achieved for our clients.

By taking the immediate action of hiring an experienced attorney to defend yourself, you are minimizing the chances that your petit theft case will have lasting consequences for your career, personal life, and reputation.

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