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If you have been arrested or are under investigation by a local police department, you will most likely be prosecuted in a Florida state court. Florida state crimes are violations of state laws that have been passed by the Florida legislature.  They are prosecuted in either county or circuit courts in the county in which the charges are filed by the state attorney (violations of federal criminal law are typically charged in a United States District Court). Florida state courts are also where violations of local statutes and ordinances are prosecuted. In some cases, early intervention by an experienced criminal defense attorney can even prevent an arrest and/or prosecution. We started our careers in the state system and have extensive experience defending all types of misdemeanors and felonies in state court.  

Degrees of Florida State Crimes

Florida Statute 775.08 divides crimes into two general categories: felonies and misdemeanors. Section 775.081 law further divides felonies and misdemeanors into degrees.

 The five degrees of felonies are:

  • Capital felonies;
  • Life felonies;
  • First-degree felonies;
  • Second-degree felonies; and 
  • Third-degree felonies

There are only two degrees of misdemeanor offenses, first-degree misdemeanors, and second-degree misdemeanors.

Maximum Punishment by Degree of Crime

Besides a capital felony which is punishable by death, a first-degree felony is the most severe category of crime and is punishable by a maximum sentence of 30 years or life imprisonment when specified by statute. A second-degree misdemeanor is the least serious crime and carries a maximum sentence of 60 days in jail. 

CategoryDegreeMaximum Sentence
FelonyCapital      Death
FelonyLifeLife imprisonment
Felony1st30 years
Felony2nd15 years
Felony3rd5 years
Misdemeanor    1st1 year
Misdemeanor2nd60 days

Examples of Florida Crimes Our Firm Handles

We frequently represent clients in the following types of cases in Florida state courts:

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