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Below are representative results and verdicts pursued and won by The Edelstein Firm. Please note that every case is different and these results and verdicts, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case. While you certainly should ask any prospective attorney whether he or she has obtained a successful result in cases similar to yours, your decision to hire an attorney should not be made on this factor alone.


Case No. 090X13XXCF10A – Sophomore in college arrested while disembarking with his family from a cruise ship at Port Everglades; faced complaint charging him with trafficking in oxycodone, 4 counts of possession of a controlled substance, and, possession of a drug without a prescription. Upon conviction, client faced a mandatory minimum of three years in prison and a maximum of 30 + years. After being retained, Mr. Edelstein immediately contacted the prosecutor making the decision about what charges to file, and arranged for his client to have a psychological / substance abuse evaluation. Based on the report and Mr. Edelstein’s intensive lobbying effort, the prosecutor declined to file the trafficking charge and ended up filing a singled count of possession of a controlled substance. Mr. Edelstein then successfully petitioned the state attorney’s office to allow his client to participate in the PTI program, allowing for a complete dismissal of the remaining charge upon successful completion of the program.

RESULT: Client avoids a mandatory sentence of 3 years in prison, a mandatory felony conviction, and 2-year driver license suspension.

Case No. F0X0309XXC – High school student charged in adult court with armed robbery along with two adult co-defendants, facing a possible life sentence if convicted. After nine months of litigation which exposed the weakness of the state’s case, Mr. Edelstein convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charge against his client to grand theft, a much less serious offense. Mr. Edelstein then persuaded the prosecutor allow his client to participate in the pre-trial intervention program due to the fact that his client had no prior contact with the system and was at risk of losing a college scholarship.

RESULT: Client finishes his senior year in high school, goes to college in the fall and will have the grand theft charge dismissed after successfully completing the diversion program.

Case No.0X-CR-200XX – Assistant manager at a multinational bank faced federal criminal prosecution. Charged with bank fraud for embezzling more than $29,000,000 and was facing up to 30 years in federal prison. Due to the overwhelming evidence in the case, Mr. Edelstein made the tactical decision to have his client cooperate immediately with the Secret Service and U.S. Attorney’s Office, allowing his client to remain out of custody for a majority of the proceedings. Through a combination of hard work, tact, and, sound strategy, Mr. Edelstein was ultimately successful in securing a below guidelines sentence for his client much to the dismay of the multiple victims in the case.

RESULT: Client avoids spending the rest of his life in federal prison.

Case No.F0X0154XX – In a circumstantial case, a 29 year old woman from Boston with no criminal history was arrested for trafficking in morphine and OxyContin. She was facing a 25 year minimum mandatory sentence in state prison if charged and convicted. Over the police officers’ objections, Mr. Edelstein was able to convince the prosecutor not to file charges against his client based on a lack of evidence.

RESULT: Client avoids being charged with drug trafficking and a potential 25 year mandatory minimum sentence in prison.

Case Nos.50200XCF00655XXXXXMB & 02000XCF00655XXXXXMB – Body shop owner arrested by the Department of Financial Services for organized fraud and workman’s compensation fraud for allegedly defrauding insurance company, facing 20 years in state prison. First, Mr. Edelstein successfully persuaded the state attorney’s office not to file the organized fraud charge based upon the factual circumstances of the case. Secondly, after almost a year of litigation, Mr. Edelstein was able to convince the state attorney to reduce the workman’s compensation charge to a misdemeanor and allow his client to serve only a year of probation.

RESULT: Client avoids being charged with organized fraud, a felony conviction, and up to 20 years in prison.

Case Nos. F0X0078XX and F0X0062XX – Argentine national traveling under a business visa was arrested two times in two weeks for grand theft (shoplifting), facing 10 years in state prison, de facto pretrial detention, and deportation. First, Mr. Edelstein persuaded the judge to release his client by granting her bail, despite the fact that she was arrested for grand theft while already out on bail for the first case. Mr. Edelstein was then able to convince the state attorney’s office not to file charges in either case.

RESULT: Client avoids 10 years in prison, a felony conviction, and deportation.

Case No. 0X-CR-204XX – Client arrested off the coast of Florida attempting to smuggle 16 Brazilian nationals into the United States, charged in 33 count federal indictment with alien smuggling for commercial gain. Under the indictment, Client faced 15 years in federal prison. In plea negotiations, Mr. Edelstein was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss 29 of the counts and then successfully convinced the judge to sentence his client to the minimum sentence required by law.

RESULT: Client avoids 15 years in federal prison.

INVESTIGATION – Occupational therapist employed by the Florida Department of Education was under investigation by the Office of the Inspector General for grand theft and official misconduct for allegedly working a second job during work hours. After being retained, Mr. Edelstein immediately contacted the assistant state attorney assigned to the case, and negotiated for his client pay back the money in question in exchange for not filing any criminal charges and allowing his client to resign from her job instead of being fired.

RESULT: Client paid back the money in question to the Department, r