Harry Aviles AvatarHarry Aviles

David was very attentive to our concerns and needs from the very beginning. Went above and beyond in helping solve our legal troubles and made himself available to answer any of our concerns or questions through out the whole process. He communicated with us all the details of our case after every proceeding, so we can fully understand what had happened and or what we can expect. I’m truly am very appreciative of his hard work and extreme professionalism that helped our case get dropped. Would recommend David 10 out of 10 times to anybody, Thank You David for everything. - 2/05/2020 

Mercydiana Aviles AvatarMercydiana Aviles

David is an excellent attorney and I am extremely happy that we hired him to help our family through difficult times. From the very first phone call, David was extremely kind and made himself available the next day to meet with us and answer all of our questions then and during the case. He was persistent, knowledgable, and fought for us every step of the way and ended up getting our case dismissed. I am eternally grateful to David and his firm for the tremendous work they put into the case and I will definitely reach out to him should we ever need help again in the future. For anyone reading this who needs assistance for themselves or a loved one, call David and his firm right away! You will not regret it. - 2/06/2020 

Christian Guerra AvatarChristian Guerra

David Is extremely helpful & welcoming, he is a people’s man and has fine taste in furniture. This firm is my go-to, they’re the best and not only do they win your case but you feel taken care of! - 2/10/2020 

Natalie Moise AvatarNatalie Moise

Very detailed, and informative. He provided information throughout the process. Due to his hard work case never made it to trial. I highly recommend him. - 12/30/2019 

Eric Severino AvatarEric Severino

One of the best attorneys I have ever had. Professional, clear in communication with integrity as a foundation in his principals. His willingness to go the distance for his clients is unsurpassed and I would recommend David to anyone who also has integrity and wants only the truth to come to light. I highly recommended Mr. Edelstein. Thank you David.Eric Severino EROCK Productions - 1/11/2020 

Phillip Gall AvatarPhillip Gall

Excellent criminal attorney. Highly recommended! - 11/11/2019 

Mark Siegel AvatarMark Siegel

I have had the opportunity to observe David at work and can tell you that he takes pride in the representation he gives his clients. And not just in the legal sense. He obviously cares about them as human beings. If you need to hire a criminal lawyer to represent you, I would highly recommend him. - 11/11/2019 

Darin Dillehay AvatarDarin Dillehay

Mr Edelstein is the go-to criminal defense attorney in the South Florida metro area. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking legal representation. - 11/11/2019 

kevin rangel Avatarkevin rangel

David is very professional and very good at what he does. He helped me through one of my toughest moments and I couldn’t be more thankful. I highly recommend him to anyone, he’s very attentive and cares about your problems. - 10/11/2019 

Michael De Pinto AvatarMichael De Pinto

David and his team worked astonishing for my case. There was never a miscommunication, his team worked hard. I would highly recommend David for any case. Thanks again. - 10/11/2019 


David is definitely a professional. Very responsive, always a phone call or a text message away, unlike most lawyers. Great customer service, highly recommended Firm. - 10/11/2019 

Vincenzo Santoro AvatarVincenzo Santoro

very happy about the outcome thank you - 9/11/2019 

Ebonie AvatarEbonie

David was an Awesome Lawyer Did Everything That Was Expected of Him, Good Communication Excellent Job Handling My Case , I Am Definitely Satisfied......Great Firm! - 6/11/2019 

Dmv DreamChaserz202 AvatarDmv DreamChaserz202

I will highly recommend David to represent any one that’s dealing with a case in Florida. David was very informative about my case. The communication about my entire case/trial was outstanding. The staff at the law firm was very kind and helpful. David was by far the best representation you can have dealing with a criminal case rather if your from Florida or Live out of state . - 6/11/2019 

Cieara Ash AvatarCieara Ash

My experience was exceptional. I highly recommend David to anyone in need of representation. - 5/11/2019 

Bonnie Ismailova AvatarBonnie Ismailova

I Interned for Mr. David Edelstein and worked with his amazing paralegal Janet. The atmosphere is very welcoming, got to meet others lawyers in the office as well. Working with Mr. Edelstein and Janet has helped me align my focus on which type of law i want to practice. I definitely learned a lot about paperwork and manner with clients from Janet. Mr. Edelstein was great when it comes to answering questions and explaining, he is very committed to his job and always puts his clients first. Mr. Edelstein has inspired me to look forward and work hard. If you are looking to hire David Edelstein is the best, strongly recommend. - 4/11/2019 

Jeffrey Berman AvatarJeffrey Berman

David Edelstein is a top quality criminal defense lawyer. I have co-counseled several civil rights cases with David over the past three years. I am impressed by his zealous advocacy for our mutual clients. He works hard and compassionately to protect his clients' rights. I look forward to many more years of co-counseling civil rights case with David. I cannot recommend him enough for criminal defense work. - 4/11/2019 

Natural Healing Center AvatarNatural Healing Center

Professional attorney, highly recommended and a very good guy. - 2/11/2019 

Dado Nissan AvatarDado Nissan

As person that never got arrested in his life and never had any problem with the law .don’t know any thing abut :police law judge lawyer getting arrested .One night of Nightmare that supposed to end up in good terms end up with me in jail.Don’t know what to do don’t know what’s going to happen .We call Frineds to recommend lawyers that will come for my defense .I did met with one of them and He make me feel that I am in big trouble .The lawyer pressure me and stress me .It will take long time to Get you out of this case. I did not know what to do .I was innocent but I feel lost by that Lawyer.Till same one at the courthouse recommended to Mr David Edelstein .to my girlfriend .By talking on the phone with mr David Edelstein he Make is feel very relax and comfortable with the way my case will go.He sounds very professional and very good at details of what is going on .He explain Exactly the process very fast and understandable To hire David was the best decision i did .The day of the Trail he show me how professional he is ,He know the system at is best I could be more satisfied with the way he handle my case .Mr David Edelstein Very highly recommended lawyer for any criminal cases. Thank you mr David Edelstein - 2/11/2019 

Jorge Luís Fernandez AvatarJorge Luís Fernandez

Profesional, honesto, conocedor de las leyes, astuto e inteligente,,,,,,,,,,,Un gran abogado , educador por el camino del bien,,,,,en fin se convierte en un amigo......... - 2/11/2019 

Chloe Gilbert AvatarChloe Gilbert

David is Awesome!!! I had a very unfortunate situation happen to me. I explained in great detail what happen and David assured me he would get this taken care of. Sure enough it was taken care of seamlessly. I was constantly updated on the status and I didn't even have to show up being that I lived in another city hours away. I'm forever grateful! Let David fight your case. - 2/11/2019 

Jan Souk AvatarJan Souk

Many thanks to David!!! If I can get more stars I would We went to Miami for a trip and my husband got arrested for something he did not do. I did many research online for a good lawyer and I saw that David had the best reviews. so I went with my gut and called him. David explained everything and told us what needed to be done. He kept us posted on everything cause we were back home and couldn't fly back and fourth to Miami. David was there to help us get the case dismissed. We appreciate him And all his hard work. David was very professional. I highly recommend him! - 2/11/2019 

Hannah Hamilton AvatarHannah Hamilton

Edelstein was wonderful! He takes the time to listen and I could tell he actually cared about helping me. His staff is very nice and they are up-to-date with anything and everything. Working with Eldenstein kept my worries to a minimum. I would recommend him to anyone! - 2/11/2019 

Carlos Molinari AvatarCarlos Molinari

David was amazing! I was in and out of his office in less than an hr. His staff was great too. He did a great job in court. He was professional , smart and affordable as well. I strongly recommend David. - 2/11/2019 

Eliza Guajardo AvatarEliza Guajardo

I would recommend David to anyone friends and family. He did an amazing job on my sons case. He has great integrity and works hard for his client. This case was very out of the ordinary but David never asked us to settle for the offers instead worked hard and got the case dismissed. He was willing to work with us on the cost and worked harder then some of the attorneys where willing to do at a way better price. He always took my calls explained everything to detail so I could understand even though I was in a totally different state . If there where 10 stars he would deserve them! - 2/11/2018 

Sandy Green AvatarSandy Green

Great lawyer, but even more important, a great human being! - 2/11/2018 

Epic E AvatarEpic E

If you need a lawyer that can give your situation a fast and professional resolution, Mr Edelstein is your answer - 2/11/2018 

dalia Lavon Avatardalia Lavon

Mr. Edelstein is a true “Mensch”. He is very professional, dedicated to his clients (was very patient with any question I had) always responsive. To sum it, I highly recommend his service and will refer any one I know who is in need for a lawyer in Miami. - 2/11/2018 

Charles Ashby AvatarCharles Ashby

Mr. Edelstein is everything you need on an a Lawyer, very professional service, he saved me from a very difficult situation and I owe him greatly, I would recommend him to anyone that is in need of a very very good lawyer. - 2/11/2018 

Jonathan Perazzo AvatarJonathan Perazzo

I highly recommend Mr. Edelstein. His dedication to his clients is bar none. I am happy to refer my criminal clients to him because I know they will receive the utmost care. - 2/11/2018 

Henry Charles AvatarHenry Charles

Attorney Edelstein was outstanding! I was very impressed when I walked in his office. The office was beautiful and the staff was very helpful. I was wrongfully accused of a crime that I didn't commit and Attorney Edelstein saved my life. I am very thankful for his hard work. - 2/11/2017 

Gilbert K. Squires AvatarGilbert K. Squires

David is the consummate professional who intelligently, compassionately, and determinately works for his clients and their rights under the Constitution and Laws of our country. I have had the pleasure of referring clients to him who have been exceedingly satisfied with his results and service. Call David when ever you have questions or need for an outstanding Criminal Defense Attorney. - 2/11/2017 

Jacqueline Paya AvatarJacqueline Paya

Very professional. Shows great concern for his clients. I highly recommend David Edelstein and his firm. - 2/11/2017 

Sam Troy AvatarSam Troy

I have known David for several years. There is no criminal lawyer I would rather refer my clients to. David provides top quality representation through his years of experience, knowledge of the system and drive to get the best results for each one of his clients. David is a trusted colleague and friend, anyone would be lucky to have him represent them no matter the type of case. - 2/11/2017 

Oscar Esquia AvatarOscar Esquia

He is a thorough professional and I highly recommend David Edelstein from my experience during my time of need. - 2/11/2017 

Ergio I. Fernandez AvatarErgio I. Fernandez

David is an accomplished and talented lawyer. He is always meticulously prepared and it shows on the results he secures for his clients. I strongly recommend him. - 2/11/2017 

Vicente Gonzalez AvatarVicente Gonzalez

David is absolutely the best. My family ran into a situation and David made us feel as if He was part of the Family. At the end of the day, you don't want an attorney that makes you feel like it's all about the money, you want a person who fight's and believe"s in you like Family does. And that is what you get with Mr. Edelstein , and that is why he's my families Attorney. - 2/11/2017 

John King AvatarJohn King

I have known David for years. He is a superb attorney and a gentleman who will treat you with dignity. If I need to refer anyone in South Florida to an attorney, David is the one. - 2/11/2016 

Shawn Lupella AvatarShawn Lupella

David is the criminal defense attorney that I would refer clients to--if facing charges in the Miami area. He is well respected by his peers and devoted to representing his clients at the highest level. - 2/11/2015 

Lukas Ortiz AvatarLukas Ortiz

In the time that I have known David Edelstein, I found him to be a consummate professional. I have seen him take phone calls at all hours of the day from clients, and potential clients. He follows up and makes sure that their rights are well defended. His attention to detail is among the best of anyone that I have ever encountered. Above all, what sets him apart from the rest of the defense attorneys out there is this: he truly does care about people, and if he can help in any way possible, he will do everything in his power to make sure you're getting a fair shake. The David Edelstein Firm is well-connected to the Miami metropolitan area, so you'll know that you're being defended by a well-established lawyer, who has a top-notch reputation. So, do yourself a favor and save his contact information in your rolodex, address book, or mobile device. Because if you're ever in a bind and facing unreasonable criminal charges, David Edelstein will be there for you when you need him the most. - 2/11/2015 

Ruth Elizabeth Johnson AvatarRuth Elizabeth Johnson

I highly recommend this law firm and its founding attorney, David Edelstein. The positive reviews listed here are completely on point. He is a true fighter and advocate for his clients while providing great customer service.I will continue to refer clients to this office as I have only received praises - 2/11/2014 

Heiko Moenckmeier AvatarHeiko Moenckmeier

I met David through a friend about 4 years ago. As a fellow criminal defense attorney, I have recommended people in need of an attorney to him in South Florida, as well as referred anyone who has a federal case to David. He is a consummate professional whom I trust in completely. If I were to get into trouble myself, I would hire David Edelstein. - 2/11/2014 

Amanda Pierce AvatarAmanda Pierce

I have never had to deal with anything that needed a lawyer so I really did not know where to start in finding one. My mother and I did some research online and I am so happy that we found Mr. Edelstein. He is very attentive and follows through which helped with the stress I felt during my case. My case was dismissed! When I first met with him he was very up front and honest while giving me the facts, but at the same time compassionate enough where I felt comfortable with him representing me. Anytime I had a question even when the case was closed in regards to applying for a job, real estate application, writing a letter in regards to a job, he was there to help me immediately. I understand Lawyers are extremely busy, but I did not have to wait on him as him or his assistant was able to assist me and answer any of my questions the same day. I am truly fortunate to have found him at that difficult time in my life. - 2/11/2014 

Robert Chrzanwski AvatarRobert Chrzanwski

I would recommend them.I was in town from Chicago with some high school friends for a music festival and unfortunately got caught with ...let's just say...something I shouldn't have had. My friend called a lawyer he knew in Chicago and luckily that lawyer gave him Mr. Edelstein's name. I'm very happy with the way things turned out. I would recommend his firm without reservation. Robert - 2/11/2013 

Eric Severino AvatarEric Severino

One of the best attorneys I have ever had. Professional, clear in communication with integrity as a foundation in his principals. His willingness to go the distance for his clients is unsurpassed and I would recommend David to anyone who also has integrity and wants only the truth to come to light. I highly recommended Mr. Edelstein.
Thank you David.
Eric Severino
EROCK Productions - 1/06/2020