When you made your plans to come to South Florida for business or pleasure, they certainly did not include being arrested or having to hire a defense attorney. Needless to say, the Miami-Dade County jail isn’t on many tourists’ itineraries.

People come to the Miami metropolitan area for many different reasons, ranging from attending a convention, conducting a business transaction or, to go on a cruise. The majority of visitors are tourists who are here to enjoy all the fun and excitement Miami has to offer. Sometimes, unfortunately, the fun and excitement come at a price.

We find that the majority of our clients have never been in trouble with the law and find themselves placed in situations where they did not foresee their night ending in being handcuffed and placed in the rear seat of a police car. Oftentimes, but not always, alcohol plays a factor. Many clients do not appreciate the power that club owners, their employees, and bouncers have over them the moment they cross the threshold of the velvet rope.

Bouncers, Nightclubs, and Restaurants

Invariably, the arrest reports of our clients make references to bouncers and security workers and the client’s failure to comply with some type of decision or directive. Although not police officers themselves, bouncers frequently have cozy relationships with officers.  This is because of the longstanding practice of nightclubs and bars employing “off-duty” police officers” to supplement their security.  Bouncers and cops become akin to co-workers, sharing a common history and purpose—satisfying the club or bar owner’s interests. Whether it is a bouncer or “off-duty” cop who summons the police, our future client’s fate is invariably sealed the moment the call is placed.  His or her “side of the story” or reasonable explanation becomes irrelevant. The bouncer or officer has spoken, and the client ends up being charged with trespass after warning, disorderly conduct / disorderly intoxication, or worse.

Domestic Violence Cases

The police also frequently arrest tourists for domestic violence.  A seemingly private argument between you and your significant other can quickly morph into one of you getting a free ride to the Dade County Jail.  This can happen anywhere: at the airport, a club, a restaurant, or any other public place.  Being arrested away from home causes enough problems, but these problems are made even worse when you are also ordered not to have any contact with your significant other.


The ride to jail or the police station is significant because this is when the client first becomes separated from their friends or family.  This isolation is compounded by the fact the officer or officers have confiscated their cell phone and other personal possessions. If the client is lucky enough to get access to a telephone at some point in the booking procedure, they are often times unable to call anyone since the contact information for their friend or family member is on their phones.  After being strip-searched and thrown along with 30 others into a holding cell made to hold ten people, our clients usually end up somehow finding a way to post the bond.  Unfortunately, this only ends the first chapter of their nightmare.

The second chapter begins with being released on the street without any of your personal possessions–not even your ID.  With your “property receipt” in hand, you were forced to wait in line like a vagrant until it was finally your turn to present your receipt to the disinterested corrections officer—who may or may not have returned everything the cops took from you that night.  As your smartphone was handed back to you, you may have noticed yourself taking a deep breath, relieved that you were finally “connected” again.  Then you tried to turn it on. If you were lucky enough to have any charge left, you were able to call for a ride or taxi to pick you up. If your phone was dead, well, it got worse from there…

Hiring an Attorney

Besides the logistical complications of being arrested in a strange city, state, and/or country, you now are faced with the additional logistical challenges of attending future court hearings.  If you were arrested for a felony, your first court date (arraignment) will be scheduled approximately 30 days from the day of your arrest. If you were arrested for a misdemeanor, the arraignment is usually within three to six weeks of your arrest date.  The court can also set report and trial dates after the arraignment if your case is not resolved. You need to hire someone to represent you. Not just because you need someone to go to court for you.  You need a competent attorney to protect your rights and maximize your chances of getting a satisfactory outcome in your case.

Unfortunately, you probably don’t have the benefit of your local network of family and friends to refer you to someone, which is why you are reading this.  The decision of what criminal defense attorney or firm to retain to represent you can be overwhelming.  “Do I go with lawyer ‘A’ who touts himself as a ‘Super Lawyer,’ or do I go with the firm that is ‘aggressive?’ Should I choose the one that’s a ‘former prosecutor,’ or the firm that has 1000 years of ‘combined’ experience? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer.

Although the majority of our clients are referred to us locally by lawyers and former clients, we have represented hundreds of tourists over the years in all types of criminal cases.  In the majority of cases, we can limit—and sometimes eliminate altogether—the need for you to return to Miami for a future court appearance.  More importantly, we offer experienced representation to ensure that you receive competent legal counsel and advice that you can depend on to best resolve your case.

Your freedom, reputation, and career are your most valuable assets.  You need to take immediate action to ensure your case is handled correctly.

Contact an Experienced Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

Over the years, we have represented thousands of clients in a wide range of cases. There is a good chance that we have a working knowledge and familiarity with both your type of case and have represented clients who shared similar needs and concerns that you may have. Feel free to browse through the results section of our site for a representative sample of some of our past cases and the results we have achieved for our clients.

By taking the immediate action of hiring an attorney to defend yourself, you are minimizing the chances that your criminal case will have lasting consequences for your career, personal life, and reputation.

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