Your Most Precious Asset

The only thing more precious than your health is your freedom. Your family, profession – even your dreams — depend on it.

You need an experienced criminal lawyer in Miami to help you protect it.

Miami Criminal Attorney Firm Specialties

You need to make sure the attorney you choose to represent you has the necessary experience to help you put your case behind you and move on with your life. Our team of criminal lawyers in Miami has years of trial experience helping people like you. Whether you need an attorney for a misdemeanor or federal felonies, our Miami criminal lawyers will aggressively defend you and worry about protecting your rights so you don’t have to. Our experienced Miami criminal defense lawyers specialize in:


Possible Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

When you are arrested, you suddenly find yourself thrust into an unfamiliar world and subjected to indignities you never thought you would experience. The trauma of being criminally investigated or arrested and booked into a filthy, overcrowded jail can truly be overwhelming. The anxiety from not knowing how your criminal case can affect your job, family, and reputation, can be paralyzing

A conviction can also impact your ability to live where you want or rent an apartment. If you are not a U.S. citizen, being convicted of a crime can even get you deported. With so much at stake, you must choose the right Miami criminal lawyer team to defend you.

We Are the Miami Criminal Lawyers for You

When you hire a member of The Edelstein Firm as your criminal attorney in Miami, you will benefit from our cumulative years of experience and a track record of success. We understand the impact that an arrest can have, no matter your situation. Hiring an accomplished crime lawyer can make all the difference.