As a parent, you want the best for your children.

You have worked hard to provide for them; you have sacrificed for them, and you have done your best to guide them, teach them and protect them.

Seeing them arrested or facing prosecution is painful, given all the hard work, energy and sacrifice you have made to provide your son or daughter with the best foundation possible for a successful life.

While the immediate concern of protecting your child’s liberty is obviously paramount, you fear the lasting consequences a juvenile case can have on their future. As a parent, a thousand worries and concerns race through your mind:

  • Will this cause my child to be suspended or expelled from their school?
  • Will it prevent them from getting scholarships?
  • Will it make them ineligible for financial aid?
  • Will it keep them from getting into college?
  • Will it prevent them from getting a good job?

As a parent, you need to take the immediate step of hiring an experienced juvenile defense lawyer to protect your substantial investment in your child’s future.

Contact an Experienced Miami Juvenile Defense Attorney

Over the years, our criminal defense attorneys have represented hundreds of young people in juvenile cases in Miami and other counties. There is a good chance that we have a working knowledge and familiarity with the type of case your child has, as well as with your concerns as a parent. Feel free to browse through the results section of our site for a representative sample of some of our past cases, and the results we have achieved for our clients.

By taking the immediate action of hiring an experienced juvenile defense lawyer in Miami to defend your son or daughter, you are minimizing the chances of them suffering the potential long-lasting consequences that can accompany a juvenile case.  CALL US NOW for a CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION at (305) 538-4545,  or simply take a moment to fill out our confidential and secure intake form. The additional details you provide will greatly assist us in responding to your inquiry.

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*Due to the large number of people who contact our firm requesting his assistance, it is strongly suggested that you take the time to provide us with specific details regarding your case by filling out our confidential and secure intake form. The additional details you provide will greatly assist us in responding to your inquiry in a timely and appropriate manner.


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