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Drug trafficking can be the sale, delivery, manufacture, or possession of certain drugs over a specified quantity. Unlike drug possession charges, convictions for State and Federal criminal law violations impose severe penalties for drug trafficking offenses. Minimum mandatories for drug offenses can range from three (3) years to life in prison, depending upon the quantity and type of drug. Due to the severity of these charges and the draconian penalties they carry, it is extremely important to involve an experienced drug trafficking attorney in Miami, Florida, as soon as possible.miami drug trafficking

In Miami-Dade County, individuals caught with large quantities of drugs are subject to aggressive prosecution in state and federal courts. Drug trafficking is often associated with drug cartels and organized crime. Still, under Florida law, it is a crime that can be committed by anyone who possesses a certain amount of illegal drugs, even if they are not involved in selling or distributing the drugs. Even first-time offenders may face mandatory minimum prison sentences if convicted of drug trafficking, even if they are not considered “drug dealers.”

What is Drug Trafficking under Florida Law?

The Florida drug trafficking statute states that a person commits drug trafficking when they knowingly possess, sell, purchase, manufacture, deliver, or bring into Florida a “trafficking amount” of drugs. The specific penalties for drug trafficking depend on the type and quantity of the controlled substance involved. It is essential to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are facing drug trafficking charges in Miami.

Florida Drug Trafficking Mandatory Penalties

Controlled Substance/AmountMinimum Mandatory Sentence
200 grams Hydrocodone25 Years State Prison
100 grams Oxycodone25 Years State Prison
28 grams of Opiates25 Years State Prison
50 to 200 grams Hydrocodone15 Years State Prison
25 to 100 grams Oxycodone15 Years State Prison
14 grams of Opiates15 Years State Prison
10,000 pounds/plants of Cannabis15 Years State Prison
400 grams of Cocaine15 Years State Prison
400 grams of Phencyclidine15 Years State Prison
25 kilograms of Methaqualone15 Years State Prison
200 grams of Amphetamine15 Years State Prison
28 grams of Flunitrazepam15 Years State Prison
10 Kilograms of GHB15 Years State Prison
10 Kilograms of GBL15 Years State Prison
400 grams of MDMA15 Years State Prison
7 grams of LSD15 Years State Prison
28 to 50 grams Hydrocodone7 Years State Prison
14 to 25 grams Oxycodone7 Years State Prison
2,000 pounds/plants of Cannabis7 Years State Prison
200 grams of Cocaine7 Years State Prison
200 grams of Phencyclidine7 Years State Prison
5 Kilograms of Methaqualone7 Years State Prison
28 grams of Amphetamine7 Years State Prison
14 grams of Flunitrazepam7 Years State Prison
5 Kilograms of GHB7 Years State Prison
200 grams of MDMA7 Years State Prison
5 grams of LSD7 Years State Prison
14 to 28 grams Hydrocodone3 Years State Prison
7 to 14 grams Oxycodone3 Years State Prison
25 Pounds or 30,000 plants of Cannabis3 Years State Prison
4 grams of Opiates3 Years State Prison
28 grams of Cocaine3 Years State Prison
28 grams of Phencyclidine3 Years State Prison
200 grams of Methaqualone3 Years State Prison
14 grams of Amphetamine3 Years State Prison
4 grams of Flunitrazepam3 Years State Prison
1 Kilogram of GHB3 Years State Prison
10 grams of MDMA3 Years State Prison
1 Gram of LSD3 Years State Prison

Defenses to Drug Trafficking Charges

There are several defenses that a person can raise against drug trafficking charges in Florida. Some of these defenses include:

  • The defendant lawfully possessed the drugs, such as with a valid prescription
  • The defendant did not know that they were in possession of the drugs
  • The evidence seized was not a controlled substance
  • The defendant was not involved in the trafficking of drugs and was simply an innocent bystander at the wrong place and time

Other legal defenses include challenging an illegal search and seizure, and entrapment.

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures by the police. This means that the police must follow specific rules and procedures when conducting searches, and any evidence obtained through an illegal search may be excluded from court. This could be a useful defense in a drug trafficking case, as it may allow the defendant to challenge the evidence against them if it was obtained through an illegal search.

A defendant facing a drug trafficking charge can argue an entrapment defense when a law enforcement officer or confidential informant uses coercion or other tactics to persuade a person to commit a drug crime they would not have committed otherwise. If it can be shown that the defendant was entrapped, the court may dismiss the charges against them. This is because entrapment is considered a violation of the defendant’s rights, and allowing the case to proceed would be unfair.

Even in difficult cases where there may not seem to be any legal defenses available, an experienced drug trafficking attorney can often provide valuable help and guidance by helping you understand your legal options and developing a strategy to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Other Resources

Florida Statute 893.135 – Florida drug trafficking statute.

21 U.S. Code § 841 – Federal drug trafficking statute.

Contact an Experienced Miami Drug Trafficking Attorney

Whether you or a loved one has been arrested or is under investigation for a drug trafficking offense in Florida, it is critical to consult with an experienced drug trafficking crime attorney as soon as possible to ensure your rights are protected. Drug trafficking is a serious crime punishable by significant fines and prison sentences, even for first-time offenders. You need the counsel of an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process and maximize your chances of resolving your case with a favorable outcome.

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The following are the most common clerk codes for state drug trafficking offenses in Miami-Dade County:

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