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If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in the past, you probably already know how that singular event can thrust your life into utter chaos. Criminal charges, even for a misdemeanor crime, like domestic violence or petit theft, can have the potential to impact greatly on your finances, employment, and social life. Further, the negative aspects of being criminally charged can reach far beyond the immediate effects.  In fact, the lingering effects of having a criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life. That is why it is critical to hire a Miami seal and expunge lawyer with the necessary experience to clean your record.

The most common danger associated with having a criminal record is the effect it can have on your ability to gain quality employment. It is commonplace for employers to routinely conduct background checks on prospective employees. In addition, background checks can occur in relation to applications for credit, housing, education, state licensing, and other important areas of your life. Some private investigators even offer to run criminal background checks for people who want to check out their new boyfriend or girlfriend.

If you have been found guilty or pled no contest to a theft crime, drug crime, fraud crime, sex crime, violent crime, or any other type of crime, that information is part of the public record and can easily be detected using a routine background check. Even if your criminal defense lawyer was able to have had the charges against you dismissed, there will still be a public record reflecting that you have been arrested and what you were charged with.

Fortunately, the state of Florida offers you the opportunity to seal or expunge your criminal record if you meet certain requirements. If you meet the applicable criteria, you can have your records removed from public view. Unfortunately, expunging a federal criminal case is generally not possible. Under federal law, only a person who is guilty of a minor drug offense may have their record expunged.

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