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The Thin Line Between Entertainment and Reality

Before this one, I had never been involved in a case that had been featured on “The First 48.”  The more I learned about the case—and how the show insinuated itself directly into the homicide investigation—the more disgusted I became.
During my cross-examination of Detective […]

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The Paradox of Our Criminal Justice System

Yes, innocent people do get convicted.

Granted, the segment of the population that has the most contact with the criminal justice system is the criminal element. And the truth is that most people who are convicted are in fact guilty. But it’s the process […]

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DUI Checkpoint Tonight in Miami

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Celebrating 13 Years

I adopted Roxie 13 years ago from a PetSmart in Kentucky, in the summer of 2000—about a month before I started my firm. I had just left the Public Defender’s Office and was embarking on a new chapter in my life.
Over the past 13 […]

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Victory in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

I am very happy for my client who received good news today: we won his appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. At trial this summer, I was able to convince the judge to dismiss the more serious count of […]

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The Thin Line Between Reality TV and Reality

Over the weekend, I was quoted in a Miami Herald article about the reality TV show “First 48.” The article highlights some of the ways this “reality show”—which is supposed to document homicide investigations—has actually ended up hurting them.

The problem with programs like “First […]

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DUI Checkpoint Tonight – North Miami

By: David Edelstein March 15, 2013.

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And The Tide Turns…

As the smoke clears, evidence is starting to mount that conflicts with George Zimmerman’s claim that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor in this tragic incident. It’s pathetic and deplorable that Trayvon’s family had to hire an attorney to follow up on obvious leads […]

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Be Careful for What You Wish For…

The biggest challenge to bringing criminal charges against the “neighborhood watch captain” for the shooting of Trayvon Martin may be the lack of evidence disputing Zimmerman’s account of the incident. In order to file a manslaughter charge, prosecutors must believe that they have enough […]

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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words…

There’s something special about being a cop.

Not only do you get to carry a badge and gun and put people in jail. You also get the special power to keep them there. How, you ask? Simple. Just open […]

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